Demolition by Neglect

Conservancy testimony expresses concern about lack of enforcement of Demolition by Neglect regulations.

In testimony before the DC Council’s Committee of the Whole Oversight Hearing on the Office of Planning (OP) and Historic Preservation Office (HPO) , Conservancy President Loretta Neumann, urged continued support for OP/HPO. She also expressed concern that HPO had not yet developed regulations to implement the DC Historic Preservation Act’s “Demolition by Neglect” provisions, which is now a decade old.

The Conservancy brought the deteriorating condition of the historic Takoma Theatre and lack of maintenance by the owner, Mr. Milton McGinty, to the attention of HPO. Because no regulations had been developed HPO was unable to act. Ms. Neumann urged the Council to support the development of these regulations by HPO.

Testimony by Ms. Loretta Neumann, President of the Takoma Theatre Conservancy to the DC Council’s Committee of the Whole Oversight Hearing, February 16, 2011