Takoma Theatre Development

At their meeting on Jan 24th, ANC4B Commissioners gave their approval (6-0) to a resolution urging the DC government to take a stronger role related to the development of the theatre property. The Conservancy sought ANC and the city’s support citing the deteriorating condition of the theatre building. The resolution introduced by Commission Wheeler (4B02) notes the recent actions by DC’s Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs to fine the owner for failure to rectify conditions identified in a building inspection. The approved resolution reads(in part):

“ANC 4B urges the District of Columbia to take a leadership role in exploring options for development for this key property that will enhance and strengthen uses consistent with economic development, its status as a contributing structure in the Takoma Park Historic District, and especially community needs and desires, including a community cultural arts and education center providing programs, training and services for Wards 3, 4 and 5.

“Cognizant of the profound sacrifices and funding delays that many programs and projects are experiencing during the District’s fiscal crisis, ANC 4B asks that the District of Columbia consider the capital budget requests for this purpose [as it becomes feasible to do so and] in respectful regard for funding priorities of the Executive Branch and the Council of the District of Columbia.”