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Dino Rock's Junkyard Pirates at Whittier EC & West EC

The singing, dancing Junkyard Pirates puppets, made from recycled materials, enthralled early childhood students at Whittier and West. They sail the urban seas on the lookout for trash to feed the dreaded, smelly monster Landfill.  Landfill allows them to live on his land as long as they keep bringing him trash so he can grow larger and larger. The pirates sail into a recycling center, but the owner, Nellie, catches them and convinces them to work against Landfill. Nellie enlists the audience's help through song and story, and learning about the 4 Rrrrr's: Recycle - To process used or waste material so that it can be used again; Reduce the Use - To use less electricity, less paper products; Repair - To restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken; Reuse - To use again, especially after salvaging or special treatment. In partnership with Class Acts Arts.

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Captain Jack Sparetire sets sail with his first mate Ruffles looking for trash to take to Landfill while Pesky the Parrot observes.
The Junkyard Pirates meet Nettie, an ardent recycler, who is not at all happy that they work for Landfill.
Nettie tries to convince Capt. Sparetire that her recycling is not trash but treasures meant to be reused, repaired or recycled.
All of Nettie's recycling goes into separate bins because recyclables don't all go to the same place once they are recycled.
The pirates aren't yet convinced that they should be recycling instead of feeding Landfill. Nettie says: \"You know when you feed Landfill, you are polluting the land, the air and the water!\"
Nettie sings about reducing the use of plastic bags. \"Use a little less and you'll have a lot more!\"
Can you believe it! A man made of cans!
Nettie stands up to the Can Man and refuses to give him more cans to take to Landfill ... because you CAN recycle a CAN!
The audience knows it's important to use a reusable bag when you go to the store.
  It's the monster Landfill! How do we get him to shrink? We use reusable bags when we go to the store and Landfill shrinks!
It's Rags the junkyard dog. He belongs to Landfill. It would be hard to get him to recycle
You don't have to work for Landfill, Capt. Sparetire. You can join the rest of us who care about the earth and help to shrink Landfill.
There's paper and plastic at your local store. Paper and plastic - You know what they're for. But if you bring your own sack, you won't need either one and there'll be less waste when you are done.\"
Spout found a red wagon missing a wheel. But he had a spare part and he fixed the wagon. His little red wagon is as good as new. So you don't have to throw things away!
Meet Woodward Deciduous GreenLeaf Forest Trunk the Third. But you can call him Woody. We need more trees, please!
Let's all be trees. Reach your limbs up to the sky. Wave your branches. Shake your leaves. Everybody say it \"More Trees, Please!\"
Nettie introduces Chips, the pirate who's going to help Nettie demonstrate how to recycle plastic
Everyone recycles plastic bottles. And they get to know Chips while they're at it.
Let's take a look at all the plastic we're recycling. Here's a juice bottle.
And here are a few things you can make out of recycled plastic; a jacket that's water proof.
We finally shrink Landfill till he's so small he starts whining for his mama.
How did we all become recycling Junkyard Pirates? We took the Junkyard Pirates pledge. \"We promise to do our part, to reduce our use, to reuse, to repair and to recycle. RRRR RRRR RRRR!
Captain Jack Sparetire sets sail with his first mate Ruffles looking for trash to take to Landfill while Pesky the Parrot observes.

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