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African Roots, Latino Soul

[October, 2009] This entertaining and educational Smithsonian Discovery Theater program engaged students at DC's Takoma Education Center and Shepherd ES.  Through drama, comedy, dance, music, and student participation, actors relate the experiences and histories of living in today's multicultural society.

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I was born in Bethania, Panama - Giselle Gilpin
There were flowers birds and trees. But I had to leave my grandmother alone
I like being Latino cause it's cool speaking two languages. Tu sabe? Azania Dungee
I didn't come in an airplane. I came in buses and cars to get here.
So this girl comes up to me and says ...
Mama always says 'Azucar!'
Our destinies, our lives are all wrapped up in that little packet. But WHY?
Takoma Ed Center (TEC) students
Mama why you always say AZUCAR? Celia Cruz yelled it and so do I!
Even the sad sounds of slavery couldn't stop the rhythm in our hearts
My grandma is punk rock. Why? Cause she is LOUD and MEAN!
Dance the Merengue!
Takoma Ed Center (TEC) students
My Dad is ranchera or country music - cause he works hard and is a good man
Pedro Alonso Nino was the navigator on Christopher Columbus' ship when he discovered Trinidad
Let's hear it for our great volunteers!
Another great Latino-American - Arturo Alfonzo Shomberg was influential in the Harlem Renaissance
Linda Chavez was the first person of color to lead the ACLU
Workers rights! Workers rights!
I am Latina tambien and I- SPEAK- SPANISH!
TEC students applaud performance
I was born in Bethania, Panama - Giselle Gilpin

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